God Moments

I belong to this awesome mom's group that meets once a week for a bible study and its is life giving.   I love this group this where I find true authentic people who are working out their faith with transparency and humility.  One of my favorite moments is when we go around and share how God has impacted us during the week or we just felt God's presence.    These are called God Moments.    They don't have to be a burning bush experience or Peter's Walking on Water with Jesus either but its when you know that God was there.  Today I had a day filled with God moments!

I woke early in the morning and went for a 4 mile walk and I felt so refreshed when I got back home.    When I was approaching my home I stood there looking at the structure.   I was trying to remember what it look like before the fire and to envision the process of rebuilding.   I couldn't remember what it look like before or the rebuilding process.  I could only see it for what it was now a beautiful home.   I heard deep in my spirit this "That is what I am doing with you."   WOW!  God you are making me into a new creation and the old is going away and the new is here.  That was my first God moment today.

My second God moment came when I was cleaning out a closet and trying to donate items.   I discovered a box filled with photos.   They were covered in shoot and throw in a brown paper bag.  As I started to look through them I realized that they were Imose's baby photos. Amazing pick me up to know that those didn't get destroyed in the Fire.


Anonymous said...

Wow! How interesting that not only did they survive, but that they stayed "hidden" until you had some strength to see them! Awesome.

RAO said...

God has kept many things hidden from me until I was strong enough to look at them. Many of those things are intangible to make me a better person.