Humilty A Noble Attribute

Simply put humility is not the most popular attribute that people are seeking.   It's sad to say that most people, (including myself) run from it instead of embracing the lessons that it can teach us about strength and determination.   Why is it that people don't equate success and power with humility?   I believe it has a lot to do with our own desires to put self above everything else.  I should add that many of us put self before God.  I admit that I put my own desires and interest before God many times.  Do I intentionally do it?  No. However, I do it when I put my agenda before His.  When I don't obey his voice telling me to not do something that I know will come back to kick me.   When my EGO becomes to large to receive the feedback that is so needed in my life.  People also don't want to be humble because we are too busy trying to make our own light out shine everyone elses.   We don't want to be looked upon as weak or  powerless.  When I look at some of the most powerful people  that brought about change and had vast influence they all had one consistence theme, and that is humility.   Ghandi, Mandela, MLK, and Mother Teresa.   Last but not least Jesus Christ, aka "JC", exhibited humility in the most perfect form.    I guess I'm writing this because I've had moments this week that lack humility and meekness (Strength under control) and found myself wondering if I am the only one that has issues with this or not.   I am finding that it is a powerful weapon for alliances and progress.   I know that when I am not exhibiting this quality I am not living up to my full potential as servant of God.  My prayer for my life is to allow God's gentle hand to cultivate humility in my life more.  

Romans 12:3 (New International Version)

Humble Service in the Body of Christ
 3 For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.



Who we are and how we behave has more to do with our connectedness then we thought.   This was one  of the themes of the new documentary movie titled " I AM".   It was very powerful to see the science behind how  and why cooperation is more beneficial to our survival then competition.  They called our obsession with bigger, better, more as a Mental Illness.  I don't know if I would go that far but I would say that it can drive you to think your crazy.   Are we too driven by competition and materialism?    Does more things really make you happier and secure?   I like nice things and the comfort they afford but I can't indulge in those things peacefully when I know someone is going hungry down the road.   How many people could we assist if we only consumed what we need and nothing more.   I would be skinny.   Some of us wouldn't be in debt.  We would be satisfied with what we had and nothing more.   When we  get this utopia please wake me and let me know.



F.E.A.R. Stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.   I remember a time when fear ruled a large part of my life.  Fear of: Rejection, Pain, Failure, Being Open, Loss, Being without, being alone, Future, etc.  You name it and I feared it.  But most people wouldn't have know that I even dealt with this because I was so afraid of being rejected and showing vulnerability that I masked this from the world. The only ones who knew the truth were Me and God.  I overcame this fear by facing the thing I feared most head on with God's Grace. (Another story and another time.)  After realizing that I wasted so much time fearing things and not living the life I was called to live I discovered how my fear damaged those around me. When your dealing with Fear in your own life you have a tendency to project negativity into the lives of those around you.   How is that?  By being hypercritical of everyone and every situation.  By putting unrealistic expectations on them.  By rejecting them before they can reject you.   I know I am not  just talking about myself with these examples. I thank God that through the challenges in my own life God has been able to free me from the trappings of FEAR.   I find that it is  liberating to not have to pretend and be myself.  I find it amazingly refreshing to live a transparent life with no apologizes about my imperfections.  We all have them and its the reason why we need God.  He is strong when I am weak.   I am humble when I seek assistance from my fellow neighbors who has the strengths I am lacking.   Fear is so underrated!  When we look at the world and what we can accomplish if we just put Fear aside and embrace Love, Empathy, and Cooperation  I am energized!   I AM Free to be ME!  The Me God has called me to be and I am unapologetic about who I AM.  Instead of Fearing the attributes that God has given me or rejecting myself because it doesn't fit the mold that someone else wants me to be I AM EMBRACING them.    What I now know is that there are many people still locked in the prison of FEAR.   When you've been there yourself you know how to spot someone still there.  The change that I want to be in the world is to walk in complete freedom of FEAR.  I don't want to apologize for myself because others don't like me or choose not to understand the beauty God has placed in me.   Everything that happens in our lives is meant to develop us more into the likeness of Christ. Whether if it is Good, Bad, or Ugly it should call us to a greater awareness of belonging to the Creator and his redemptive gift of Christ.   God has given us many things Power, Love, and a Sound Mind. Not one of which is FEAR!