Social Media my source for world events.

My daily intake of “New Media” begins at 6:00am.  Wake up  and check the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Youtube, Pinterest, and Blogger feeds.  I always have to make sure things are good on the social media front! Who knows what could have jumped off between 1am and 6am when I caught a few hours of useless sleep. Who has time to sleep when the world is abreast with Netflix movies to be watched, DirectTV Soccer games to be tapped, and catching up with Jon Steward on Hulu.com while on the treadmill by 7:30am.   Ahh, John Stewart  my favorite pass time while “Mappingmyfitness”, “Polarizing” my heart-rate and tracking my caloric intake using myfitnesspal apps.  These new forms of media are woven into my mommy world like a fine crafted tapestry.  Each Day I use on average 5-7 different types of new media to manage me and the “little people”.  I have often thought what would my world as a mom look like without the carefully positioned distractions of social media breaks, electronic shopping list and coupon printing, weather checking, traffic monitoring, amber-alert notifications.  Don’t get me started on my Netflix, Hulu, and GoogleTV time! Oh, I think I mentioned that before but it was worth mentioning a second time.   How did they plan playdates or check for food allergies and GLUTEN  in those ancient days without smartphones and barcode readers.  I think they called that the  “Cell-A-SUAR” period of telecommunication.   My whole world would literally unfold if I had to actually get my news watching “Diane Sawyer” on Network TV.  Really? Who does that anymore?  Why would you when you have the “Town Crier” on Facebook and Twitter.  You know that person who seems to always have the latest breaking news every-time? Its like Wolf Blither was cloned 2000 times over to deliver the news first.  All joking aside its the way I found out about every major event.   For example, Whitney Houston, School Shootings, when Pluto was no longer a planet, etc. You know important news event!  I must add this tiny side note a very interesting transformation happened in my perspective on  “Big” events.    I was able to stay more informed with the current events because I was not “traumatized” by the images shown on TV.  I could keep updated on all types of news without the pain associated with the images. I can take in the facts without getting drawn into the nonessential dramatization for ratings.  I through in that side note because it does effect my state of mind as a mom with kids.  Living a life without fear and trauma is a core value in my “Mom Declaration” and new media outlets for current event tracking provide an excellent alternative.  This is very important to middle aged mommyhood in a social media landscape because it helps me to stay “Centered, Balanced, and Whole” for my two little people to grow up “Digital and Dignified”.