Starting over again and again!

It's been quite sometime since I've blogged.  I felt compelled to sit down a share a thought or two on perseverance and endurance.  I probably sound like a broken record to many when I say that weight is my ultimate challenge.  I didn't say enemy but challenge. Challenges can be overcome with working smarter not harder.  I will have stay focused to continue to conqueror this mountain in my life.  Though it will take a lot of grit and determination its not impossible.  I just keep telling myself to keep it and/or start it back up again.   No there is no quitting on this course.  However, I have stopped and refocused many times on this journey.    Over the last year I have gained a new self love and acceptance but also gain a few of my  lost weight back.   Instead of getting depressed with a defeatist attitude,  I just started over again with my program.   Starting over is something I know a lot about. Almost 5yrs old I started over with Ngozi and Nkiru.   This year I'm starting over with single hood.  And again I am starting over to take down another 60lbs in six months.   I think I am going to rephrase it this time as Starting Afresh!   It just sounds better!  So get ready! Get Set.  And go for it again for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time!  Never quit until you reach your target.